Other toys/things my 17 month old has found fun to play with this month

I put out our box of activities everyday but let him pick and choose what he wants to do and when, except for the messy play/water play activities which are usually in the afternoon after his nap.

Sometimes we don’t do the activities but just go with the flow and play with whatever he finds in the house, if its toddler safe! Some are typical toddler toys that most will have, but others are a bit more random. All the below items have been great for entertaining him.

Little Tikes car

Hes had this since he was 11 months old and has loved it since. I wish ours had an odometer as it has done so many miles around our town, before baby arrived we used it instead of the pram when popping to shops or family round the corner as it made him so happy. I will try to use this more when I can as it makes little boy very happy.

Visiting his Uncles chickens

Party blowers

His love of all things silly in action, he loves these and thinks they are hilarious. He is trying to blow them himself too but hasn’t got the hang of it just yet. £1 for 4 from Wilkinsons worth a go for cheap toddler fun.



My 17 month old has an obsession with peoples shoes, especially his dads slippers. I think it might be because they are shaped like giant poop emoji faces but he enjoys wrestling them and trying to put them on. Him walking around with them on is cute.


Large pushalong toys/cars

Little boy is obsessed with trying to sit on everything, he has a sit on car in the garden but will push it and not want to sit on it – I’ve offered. Instead he prefers to try and sit on everything else he has, his favourites being the larger trucks and Thomas trains we have collected.


At 17 months little boy has learnt to kick properly, he can dribble the ball up and down the garden really well now and likes to watch others play kickabout.

Lazy Susan

Little boy likes to spin wheels on his pram and toy cars all the time, and has done for many months now. I found a lazy susan unloved on the top of one of our kitchen cupboards so got it down to see how he would react. He LOVES it! At first he just span it shouting ‘spin spin’, but now he will balance toys on it and even himself and try to spin. Its currently permanently out next to his toy box as he loves it so much.

Spin spin!

Bouncy cow

We picked this up cheap from Aldi a couple of months ago but only lately has he got the hang of sitting on it and bouncing. Its a brilliant toy, not too big and he will play with it everyday. It also made a good paddling pool toy in the decent weather.


His sisters Bumbo

As mentionned previously, little boy is obsessed with sitting on everything, a bit like a cat at the moment. His baby sister is 3 months old and wants to sit up all the time she is awake to nose about, so I’ve been letting her try the Bumbo for a few minutes a day to get her used to it. He thinks this is a brilliant toy and whenever she isn’t sat in it, sits in it himself. Considering how much he hated it as a baby its quite impressive how much fun he thinks it is now. Also surprised he still fits in it as he is a 99.8% child on the growth charts!


Foam letters and numbers for the bath

Another Aldi find, we’ve had them for a long time and he’s loved sticking them to the wall of the bathroom but this month he has been saying the names as he’s done it. I credit alot of his abilty to name numbers and letters to using this toy everyday in the bath. I plan to use them as the months go on in some water and messy play ideas so they will get used all the time and are worth investing in.


As with most toys they are advised for 3+, as little boy was so obsessed with me sweeping the dining room I chose to ignore this and get him a cleaning set at 17 months. He will happily sweep along with me, and tries to get the stuff into the dustpan, but usually misses or stands in it instead. I figure tidying up is a good life skill so will keep letting him help me here.



I’ve been quite lucky here and been able to borrow this from a family member whose toddler has outgrown it and progressed to a grown up bike. Little boy loves this and is so excited to go to the shops and the park in it, when I can I put baby girl in her sling and we go for a walk about. As he grows you can apparently remove the parent handle and allow them to pedal themselves along so its a good stepping stone for a bike. He will shout ‘oo oo’ everytime he clocks the monkey on the sun visor.



Another present from his 1st birthday that has had good use since. This month though he has started to climb the steps himself, not all the way to the top but he is working on it! It also makes a good toy car ramp and we’ve included it as part of a garden obstacle course as something to climb under.

Foil blanket

I got given this by a friend as she had a spare from buying some for playing with her 8 month old. I originally was going to keep it for baby girl to have scrunchy tummy time on as she gets older but gave it to little boy to see what he would do. He loved it as it was so noisy and instantly ran off with it around the living room swooshing it about. It makes a good place to play hide and seek under and apparently is also fun to wrestle. Although now very creased its still good for play and I will update when I use for baby girl.



I spotted these when out shopping and figured I’d buy them to try with little boy, if he didn’t like them they could go into a plantpot in the garden so it was worth a go. He thinks they are great fun and loves watching them spin around. He is trying to blow it to spin it himself but hasn’t got the hang of it yet, instead he just dribbles all over it and ends up spinning it with his hand. Baby girl likes the sparkly one too so doubly worth a go.


One thought on “Other toys/things my 17 month old has found fun to play with this month

  1. Lots of great ideas for keeping little ones entertained. Love the little broom, it’s always good to start them early on the clearing up as well as the playing.

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