Daily box of fun – Mondays activities for 17 month old

For more info on why I do the daily boxes please see the original post.

Summary of the weekly boxes for 17 month old here.




The activities for today are:

  1. Cars and road mat
  2. Colouring book and crayons
  3. Playdough and cutters
  4. Flashcards
  5. Water play
  6. Puzzles
  7. Spiderweb laundry basket
  8. Nursery Rhyme sequencing
  9. Pipe-cleaner colander
  10. Outside play

If you need anymore information on the items I’ve used or want them yourself I’ve added links. These core posts will be updated as I’m able to document each activity – occasionally (if we’re feeling brave) we go out so on some days not everything in the box is tried.

1. Cars and road mat

Got given the road mat by a friend whos little boy had grown out of it. Its a perfect toy for my little boy as, I’m sure you’ve realised by now, is car OBSESSED. One side has a racetrack, the other a small town with a fire station and a school etc. I always ask which side he wants and then we play away. He likes for people to play with him but occasionally will sit and play alone with this one.

Toy cars are endless fun for my little boy, as he picks them up he usually describes them so I use this as an opportunity to test colours and vehicle vocabulary, like digger, truck, ambulance etc…


2. Colouring book and crayons

Thought I would mix it up a bit today – saw a lovely idea where you fix bells to the crayons using pipe cleaners so they jingle as the little one colours. Sounds fun right?

No, my little boy was not impressed ans immediately removed the offending item from his beloved drawing materials. Oh well. Some kids might love it but mine hated it.

The face says it all…

We just coloured with normal boring non-jingly crayons instead. I drew a picture of his beloved teddy bear and then lots of other teddys in all the colours he could name.

3. Playdough and shapes cutters

Usual playdough play, today with our new basic shapes cutters. Hes slowly learning the names of the shapes and can recognise a few. Thought I’d combine his love of playdough cutters with a few ways of teaching him things, to bump up our ‘educational stash’ of activities I’ve also got some number and letter ones on the way. These shapes ones are metal – I usually only look for more toddler friendly plastic ones but I could only find basic shapes ones in metal, and they do not have any sharp sides.


4. Flashcards

Todays choice was our basic picture words pack, another from our new big stash – it includes mainly things around the house and he liked it as he recognised alot of the pictures.

As you may have guessed I like to use flashcards with little boy, we only spend about 10 minutes using them each time so its just a small activity a few times a week that has MASSIVELY boosted his vocabulary. As he gets older I will play more games with them, but for now we just look, name and play ‘spot the named item’.


5. Water play

I was planning on loading his messy play table with water and ice cubes and letting him mess about in the morning, but me and my bezzie mate had an impromptu playdate so it didn’t happen. I will try it next week and update then.

Instead I did make some bath paints to try, he loves playing in the bath and painting so figured a way of combining the two would be a winner. 1 cup baby shampoo, 1 cup cornflour and some food colouring is all it took and they worked really well. He happily spent the bath shouting ‘dip dip’ as he dipped his paintbrush in all the colours and painted/threw it everywhere. This is a MESSY activity, but as its in the bath clean up is easy, and I was due cleaning the bath and wall panels anyway so it worked out perfect. As he enjoyed this one so much I think I will be moving it as a permanent Monday morning activity as he didn’t want to stop when it was time to get out and get ready for bed. If I do it before his lunch he can spend a lot longer in the bath, and just be squeaky clean with 2 baths that day!!

I made the paints as I had the ingredients and wanted to try the Pin, but if you don’t fancy the mixing just buy ready made bath paint, this is definitely a must try activity for a 17 month old. **EDIT: Food colouring in the paint did not stain my bath or splashback but did stain my little boys skin, only temporarily though. Do be careful if you have tiles with grout within painting distance as I think this would stain, luckily we do not. I will happily continue doing this activity every week still as he absolutely loves it and a bit of food colouring is harmless. Having a very blue toddler for a day was hilarious though.**


6. Puzzles

In our massive book collection he has this frog puzzle book. He likes the story so figured I would add it to our puzzles list. At the moment he likes to watch me do them but does try to help as we go along. Reading the book as we do each puzzle breaks it up and he seems to enjoy himself.

7. Spiderweb laundry basket

I took some wool from my knitting stash and wound it in and out of the holes on one of our laundry baskets to make a spider web, and then threw in his plastic fruit and veg as we’ve not played with them for a while. He was annoyed with this at first because he kept hooking his fingers as he reached for things but soon learnt to wind his hand around the wool to reach what he wanted. He was happy to grab the things hidden at the bottom and pleased with each one that he ‘rescued’. I think I will try this one again and use different toys to mix it up for him, for about 5 minutes prep it was worth it.


8. Nursery Rhyme Sequences

Another free printable found on Pinterest, liked the look of this one as it had pictures and gave us an opportunity to do more singing. There are a handful of nursery rhymes, each broken into three pictures and the aim is to put them in order. At the moment I do the puzzle but he was mesmerised watching me put them in order as we sang the songs. As he gets older I’m sure he will participate more with this but for now is happy looking at the lovely cartoons and telling me what he can see, e.g sheep, clock, mouse etc…

EDIT: I’ve now got some velcro dots for this one to help keep the tiles where we put them on the activity sheet! Laminating makes things last but they slide everywhere!


9. Pipe cleaner colander

Nice easy one. I had pipe cleaners and a colander. Nothing else required.

All he has to do is put the pipe cleaners into the holes on the colander, he is getting better at doing this now and will happily play with me at this for about 5 minutes. Once his attention was over he still happily played with the pipe cleaners on the floor ‘swimming’ in them and wanting me to tickle him with them. If you’ve got the supplies give it a go.

Its also a great way of covering colours as I can get him to name each one he picks up, and again as we dismantle our creation.


10. Outside play

Raining again today (July in the UK pretty standard) so we didn’t manage to get outside, but got out of the house for our playdate so at least he had a change of scenery.

I plan to get him some wellies so the rain won’t stop us being outside but for now we stayed in in the afternoon and played more hide and seek and as the below photo shows he is getting more imaginative with it!


Click the below links to jump to the days in my 17 month weekly boxes:


Here are the pins that inspired me:

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