Daily box of fun – Sundays activities for 17 month old

For more info on why I do the daily boxes please see the original post.

Summary of the weekly boxes for 17 month old here.



The activities for today are:

  1. Tactile sensory play
  3. Magnetic fishing
  4. My First Scribbler board
  5. Puzzles
  6. Posting cards/pipecleaners/dominos
  7. Wooden ABC board
  8. Flashcards
  9. Walking on pillows
  10. Outside play

If you need anymore information on the items I’ve used or want them yourself I’ve added links. These core posts will be updated as I’m able to document each activity – occasionally (if we’re feeling brave) we go out so on some days not everything in the box is tried.

1. Tactile sensory play

My goodness that sounds a bit fancy, in Layman’s terms – something he can squish and fiddle about with to explore textures/sounds/smells is what the world of Pinterest tells me. Toddler fun with a good dollop of mess usually.

I was planning on using shredded paper again as I’ve got a pile of paperwork that needs putting through the shredder, figure I can combine a chore with play and kill two birds with one stone! We ended up visiting family in the afternoon instead so my husband could meet our new niece so didn’t get the chance to do this activity today but have done it previously so will write about that.

A couple of weeks back I filled my little boys messy play table with shredded paper and put his larger toy construction vehicles on with it, a digger, a dumper and a cement mixer. I showed him how we could play with them, loading up the vehicles, clearing a path in the paper and driving them about and dumping the paper about the place, then stood back and left him to it to see how he would play. He carried on loading up the diggers and driving them about whilst scrunching the paper in his hands and throwing it about. He then asked for his cars (standard) so I hid them under the paper on the table, got a tray for collecting them and we played ‘find the cars’ whilst counting them as we went. All in we spent most of the afternoon playing with this activity and I definitely will be doing this one again, all it took to clear up was scooping the paper into the recycling bin and a quick hoover.

In following weeks and months I want to add more of this type of play to our weeks and try coloured rice, chickpeas, gloop, foam sand, mud play, flour, spaghetti, ice, bubbles, water beads and SO MANY more! Pinterest is a goldmine for these types of ideas so will update as I try them.

Beware – construction site



2. Toys in foil

I saw this one on Pinterest and figured it was so easy to set up I’d give it a go. I grabbed his Thomas play trains – Thomas, Gordon, James, Toby and Percy and wrapped them in foil and gave them to him in a couple of little trays. He picked them up and poked them and asked his dad to help. Husband showed him how to unwrap them and he happily unwrapped them all shouting out their names as he went. it lasted all of about 5 minutes but I think I will leave this one out next week as he wasn’t overly fussed by the whole activity.


I managed to rescue some of the foil to reuse to roast chicken for our dinner so it wasn’t a waste! I think a younger child would find this a lot more intriguing than my 17 month old.

This one will be replaced with another activity next week – will report back! **EDIT: This has been replaced with our new Russian Nesting Doll set. Its a cheap old one off eBay for £4 and he loves it. The largest one does squeak when you pull it apart where the bits rub together but he loves it and keeps asking for ‘squeak!’ He can pull them apart, we are still working on putting them back together but if you have one of these anywhere – give them to your toddler and see how they respond!


3. Magnetic fishing

I was browsing eBay for cheap children’s games and came across this small magnetic fishing game for £2, figured I would get it to put up for when little boy was older. I got it out to show him to gauge his reaction and he LOVED it! Its a really good toy to distract him with when we are waiting for dinner to cook/cool down, under supervision obviously as it has quite small parts.

When you wind it up the fish spin around the circle opening and closing their mouths to reveal the magnets inside, I can usually catch a couple before the timer runs down. he does try to catch them with the magnetic rod but usually gives up and uses his hands – I figure I’ll allow this blatant cheating seeing as he’s so young! The concentration on his face when he’s trying to catch them is brilliant, must be good for his hand eye co-ordination.

The face!

4. My First Scribbler board

Little boy got a voucher for ELC for his birthday from his grandad and I got him this amongst some other arty bits. He at first was just obsessed with taking out and putting back the jungle themed magnetic pens but he now does have a scribble on it. Figure I’d put it back in rotation to see how he improves with it as he loves to draw nowadays.

He had a quick scribble for 5 minutes then started chomping on the pens but he seemed happy.


5. Puzzles

He does have some other puzzles but I need to dig them out of his massive IKEA storage unit so we had the usual 2 piece farm animal ones again – SORRY GUYS! It has given him the opportunity to get the hang of them a bit and he doesn’t yet seem bored with them as he’s always happy when they come out.


6. Posting pipecleaners/playing cards/dominos

This was an easy one to make and was one of the first Pinterest ideas I tried. After a family BBQ we had a few empty (fake Aldi) Pringles cans left over so I cleaned up one and kept 3 lids. I cut small holes in one, a long slot in another and 2 smallish slots in the third to be used with pipe-cleaners, playing cards and dominos respectively.

He likes to post the items into the top and occasionally open the tub so he can see all the ones hes posted, it always entertains him for a good 10 minutes. So far the dominos have been his favourite – they make a good plink noise when posted in.


7. Wooden ABC board

A gift from a good friend – I know she reads this and is a LEGEND – another peg puzzle board we have in rotation. Little boy likes this one although it is harder than his other two, he is just starting to recognise his letters so keeping it in the box as he enjoys playing with it. He likes me to name and sound the letters as we put them in the right place and he knows a few now!


8. Flashcards

Tried a different box today from my now MASSIVE stash of flashcards. Picked one of his favourite topics – transportation. He loved it and by the end of the short play with them could pick out a skateboard, roller skates and a wheelchair, and they are new to him so he definitely learnt something.

Most flashcards on the market are massively ‘Americanised’ but he still enjoys using them as they have actual pictures on rather than illustrations.


9. Walking on pillows

Now this is something my toddler loves to do – if he sees pillows/cushions he throws himself onto them and walks on them and wrestles them every time. To include this activity in his weekly rotation was a no-brainer as I figure it will help his balance and burn some energy at the same time. Its free and easy – honestly try it. I grabbed the pillows and cushions off our bed and laid out a course at first to walk on, then made a pile for him to jump in and he loved every minute, especially when I laid down too and he could combine it with his favourite hobby – wrestling…


10. Outside play

Usual out in the garden as weather was good. His Nan came over and drew up hopscotch on our patio because as usual he requested his chalks. I showed him how to jump on it and he did try to copy but mainly just shouted ‘jump jump’ bless him.

Then he ran about pushing his sit on car for a bit until I remembered the rocket launcher I picked up on my The Works shop yesterday and him and his dad gave that a go. Its brilliant for only £2 and makes a loud squeaking noise when you launch it which he thought was great. Nice and cheap and definitely will be used regularly, until we lose the rocket which I’m sure will happen. He got hold of it later in the day and launched it in the dining room, thank goodness its only a small foam rocket, he looked so proud of himself for figuring it out!




Click the below links to jump to the days in my 17 month weekly boxes:


Here are the pins that inspired me:


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  1. Yes, I do read your blog and it always makes me giggle. I just love the way you make learning FUN, which is just as it should be. Love to the family x


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