Daily box of fun – Saturdays activities for 17 month old

For more info on why I do the daily boxes please see the original post.

Summary of the weekly boxes for 17 month old here.



The activities for today are:

  1. Playdough cars
  2. Chalk drawing
  3. Playing music/making noise
  4. Send a toy for a ride
  5. Flash cards (same ones as yesterday but new ones arrived today!!)
  6. Cheerios playbook
  7. Nursery rhyme bag of props
  8. Pouring station/fishing for treasure
  9. Matching socks
  10. Outside play

If you need anymore information on the items I’ve used or want them yourself I’ve added links. These core posts will be updated as I’m able to document each activity – occasionally (if we’re feeling brave) we go out so on some days not everything in the box is tried.

1. Playdough cars

Now, because the stamps set aside for yesterdays playdough stamping session were still covered in moon dust/cloud dough we did playdough cars yesterday. Today I did some stamping, but not with the planned stamps (as I had forgotten to rinse them again last night – oops!! But they are clean now!!) but with some plastic dinosaurs we usually use for burying in his sandpit.

He seemed pretty pleased with the activity, excited as usual to see the playdough box coming out and as soon as I put the dinosaurs out he got straight to work squashing them down and blowing raspberries haha! They made good imprints when pushed in and also we made little footprint trails all over the place with them. Every time the playdough was covered in prints he shouted ‘Mummee, roll roll’ for me to roll it out again. I will definitely use these with playdough again.


2. Chalk drawing (& 10. Outside play)

He loves to draw and watch people draw and using chalks is one of his top requested activities. As the weather was decent this morning (after hammering it down with rain all last night) I decided to combine this one with number 10 and get outside on the patio rather than drawing on the messy play table top.

He straight away started doing his usual ‘E!’ with three parallel stripes all over the patio so I asked him for requests of what to draw. He asked for feet and hands so I drew an outline of mine and tried to encourage him to let me do his but he was not having it and would rather watch me! Then as he started counting the feet I wrote out 1-10 and tested him on what he could see as he ran circles around the patio and in the muddy planting bed. He was a bit miffed that we had to come inside but it was time to go brush our teeth and get baby girl up from her nap so tough! More chalk was bought today on a mega-shop in The Works so he will be happy when we do this again soon.


3. Playing music/making noise

Anyone who has a toddler can confirm that they love making noise. Yet the musical instruments in his toy box are seldom selected by him to play with, as he always will pick a vehicle first. I’ve decided to put the instruments he has into rotation so that he gets a chance to have some planned play with them to see how he goes.

At first he was quite excited shaking the egg rattles and the tamborine to make as much noise with them as he could whilst I played the xylophone. He soon got distracted and tried to balance on the xylophone instead (still obsessed with standing on everything) and then decided he wanted to read books instead. Still we got about 5-10mins of music making done and anytime hes happy playing with any of the items in the box is considered a win here.


4. Send a toy for a ride

He has a large CAT dumper truck that goes with his megabloks collection that he is obsessed with. To mix it up a bit I’ve decided this will be the vehicle to send his IKEA bear about the play area in to see how fast/how far we can launch him. He thought this was brilliant fun and kept fetching it back to me to push again, as well as having a go himself.

Something different using toys he likes playing with everyday to keep him interested. Also a good way to get him running about inside to burn off some toddler energy.

**EDIT: We’ve done this for a few weeks now and it is still one of his favourite activites. 


5. Flashcards

He’s pretty happy using the same ones but as I said earlier NEW ONES HAVE ARRIVED, bloomin’ hundreds of them! All in only £21.99 for the lot off eBay so a bargain too. I’m excited to use them, lets hope he likes them. The maths ones will be kept for when he is much older but the rest will be used now as they feature actual pictures rather than illustrations so are perfect for teeny toddlers **(EDIT: except the Animals ones!, will probably invest in a decent set of animal ones as want to do matching the card to his toy animals collection – will update when I find some).


Today we used the existing ones and I just laid them out one by one for him to name. Its been a really good way of teaching him new words so I will keep using flashcards most days as hes always happy to spend a few minutes here and there playing with them.


6. Cheerios playbook

I saw this on Pinterest in the original pin that inspired me to start the boxes and had to buy a copy as he eats (fake Aldi) Cheerios as a snack most days. The book has little indents on each page with instructions on what needs to be done – give mice glasses, give cars wheels etc. He LOVED it so will be keeping it in the Saturday rotation box for him to do each weekend with his dad, who has usually left for work already by breakfast time Mon-Fri.

I did worry that he would want to just eat the Cheerios but he was very happy putting them where they needed to go, admiring his work and then eating them. Although he did keep trying to pick up the pictures of Cheerios too!


7. Nursery rhyme bag of props

As on Tuesday, he loved this one so much I had to repeat it on another day. Also good as I put baby girl (11 weeks) in her bouncer chair and get her involved too as she likes looking at things and listening to singing.

8. Pouring station/fishing for treasure

Today we tried the pouring station, but will alternate every week with a ‘fishing for treasure’ activity with a slotted spoon and themed toys in a water tub for him to scoop.

I put a drop of blue water colouring in one of the pots with water to pour into the main tub at the beginning so he could see the water change colour. I put a few containers, jugs, a sponge and teapots in the tub and kinda left him to it, doing a few chores in the kitchen next door to see what he would do. He happily poured away and fiddled with the metal teapot for a good 30 minutes – covering most of the dining room with water of course – but well worth it as a quick mop up was all it took to tidy up this one. I set it all up on the floor on the top of his messy play table, just took the legs off it so it acted like a giant tray.

Sorry I took ALOT of photos for this one – he had so much fun!! An afternoon well spent for basically no money.

This is a good activity to incorporate colour mixing into so I plan to buy more of these food colourings. Today we stuck with blue as its all I’ve got!



9. Matching socks

A form of puzzle but one he can properly fiddle with. A simple game of matching pairs of his old baby socks. I’ve chosen some brightly coloured ones with pictures of vehicles on to get his attention.

We played this twice, and he seemed quite taken with it. I asked him to spot the colours and vehicles to match up and then we counted the pairs as we found them. Will definitely keep this activity in the box.


Click the below links to jump to the days in my 17 month weekly boxes:


Here are the pins that inspired me:

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