Daily box of fun – Fridays activities for 17 month old

For more info on why I do the daily boxes please see the original post.

Summary of the weekly boxes for 17 month old here.



The activities for today are:

  1. Hand and foot painting
  2. Colouring book and crayons
  3. Bead on a wire toy
  4. Pom pom push
  5. Stacking cups
  6. Flashcards (same ones as yesterday but many more have been ordered so we can alternate)
  7. ‘Little mouse, are you in the red house?’ game
  8. Who’s behind the door?
  9. Playdough stamping
  10. Outside play

If you need anymore information on the items I’ve used or want them yourself I’ve added links. These core posts will be updated as I’m able to document each activity – occasionally (if we’re feeling brave) we go out so on some days not everything in the box is tried.

1. Hand/foot painting

Little boy likes painting, so I’m trying to include this activity several times a week to encourage his creativity. I figured I would do different types of painting on different days so today we painted with our feet! Since I ordered his messy play table I’ve had the box lying around in the utility room/outhouse as I’m too lazy to flat-pack it and put it in the recycling bin. Since I saw the idea of cardboard painting on Pinterest I knew I had to try it and this box was perfect.


I had to show him the plan and run around in the paint a few times to show him but he soon figured it out. At first he was dancing around and stamping his feet like a happy little madman, but then he stood on the grass and got some dirt stuck to his paint feet and this freaked him out a bit. We then cleaned off his feet and took the painting party indoors for more regular painting with some sponges (present from one of my friends). This cheered him up, until we had to time out for a while as he kept trying to drink the paint (good lord, toddlers ARE fun…). All in all it was a successful afternoon of painting and a great way of keeping him entertained until it was time to got pick up his dad from work. Next time I get a large box I will keep it to try this again.



2.Colouring book and crayons

In little boys crayon pot there were some large cone shaped crayons left over from his ‘easy hold’ ELC crayons. As he improved his grip on regular crayons I got rid of the handles for these large ones but they’ve been taking up to much room in his pot so I looked on Pinterest for an idea to use up old crayons. I came across the idea to break them up, put them into an ice-cube tray and microwave it to make rainbow crayons so thought I would give it a go. Either way they were surplus to requirements and it wouldn’t matter if it went wrong!



It took a good few times in the microwave (and the icecube tray did start to melt at the bottom a bit – oops) but they turned out quite well and he did keep asking me to use them this morning when we were choosing which colour next. I drew random lines all over the paper first and asked him which colour and which segment we should colour next, and then I took requests from him of what to draw. It was the usual cats, cars, stars and hearts but he was good at describing what he could see and what colour it was, clearly saying red car, blue car etc… so it definitely helped get him talking.



3. Bead on a wire toy

Hes had this since he was 11 months old and it makes a great highchair toy as this one has suckers on the bottom to attach to the tray. Its a great way of distracting him whilst food is being prepared, but whilst also helping him with his hand and finger control.

Now I like to get him to name the colours or count with him as he moves the beads over so will keep this in rotation for a little while longer.


4. Pom Pom push/sort

I got some cheap pom poms off eBay and cut a cross in the lid of a Slimfast tin. He likes to push the pom poms into the hole and then occasionally open the container to see how many he has pushed in. It lets him practice his pincer grip and hand eye co-ordination but I’ve also covered counting and colours occasionally too.

To mix it up a little as he gets older I will give him different pots to sort the pom poms by colour, and also get some contact paper to stick on the patio door to stick onto and make pom pom art. Also I’ve picked up a seriously cool set of toddler fine motor tools (a couple can be seen in the below photo), he can use the tweezers but that’s about it so far. As he gets older I will try different activities with them, pom poms and other materials and update.


5. Stacking cups

Another staple toy most little ones have in their toybox. He’s had his since he was about 6 months old and can now stack them like a pro. He prefers now to look at the animal face on the bottom of each cup and name them rather than do any stacking so I may retire these now from the box.

I have seen a good idea where the cup tower is used as a target for larger toy cars/trucks to knock down. I think I will try it the next time he wants to play with his larger toy vehicles and see how he responds.



6. Flash cards (currently the same as Thursdays box but more are on the way and will be updated in later posts)

7. Little mouse are you in the red house?

Little boy absolutely LOVES this game, and its so simple! 6 different coloured houses in primary and secondary colours and a little cartoon mouse. You hide the mouse under a different house and ask him to guess where it is, when he finds it he’s so excited and squeaks happily each time and then says ‘gain, gain’ to play again. It was a free printable too and has definitely been worth my time cutting it out and laminating it.

Excellent for helping teach colours – he will now cover his eyes when you ask which helps when hiding the mouse! Must be all the peekaboo practise.



8. Who’s behind the door?

A rough looking cardboard house cutout with four baby wipe lids stuck to it. I change the pictures of who is in the house each week to keep him interested and it entertains him happily for 5 minutes or so. Today was me, his dad, him and his baby sister. Next week I think I will hide a few of the Thomas characters instead. This would also be a great activity for younger toddlers.


9. Playdough stamping

I made him blue playdough about  month ago and am still blown away at how easy it was, I finally got round to buying more flour and salt and knocked up a batch of yellow and red last night so we can attempt some colour mixing next week and also to change it up a little. Blue all the time is boring! **EDIT: We tried the colour mixing and it was a success!! Need to get a better red food colouring though as all worked except for the purple which just went an awful grey sludge colour as the red I have from Tesco isn’t vibrant enough. Will try more of the Wiltons food colouring gels when I get a chance to go to Hobbycraft next as these are usually awesome and will update.

Half mixed, he wanted to stamp too! Orange and green worked a treat, purple was disaster.

Today we tried yellow and used his cookie cutters – I did want to use his ELC paint and dough stamps but realised they still had cloud dough/moon dust all over, oops. He already had been playing with his cars so a few were still lying around on the floor so we also stamped using those. Alot of them have good detail on the bottom like exhausts or different tyre tracks so they are always fun, and he likes making a raspberry noise each time he squishes one in. My best friend and her little boy – my little ones bezzie mate! – were over too so also had a go, although at 7 months old he was more interested in eating the cars so we let him get on with that rather than let him eat any of the playdough as its quite salty!



EDIT: Playdough with ELC stamps:


10. Outside play

Today we had some good weather so I let little boy loose in the garden before his lunch to run off some energy. As I had my friend over she ran around the garden with him whilst I fed baby girl her milk and from watching from the sofa he had a great time – playing in the sandpit, balancing on his makeshift balance beam (upside down pallet) and hiding in a flowerpot, because why not!?

Hands down the best photo I have of my child

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Here are the pins that inspired me:

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